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Guest Post: 4 Ways to Help Loved Ones Cope With Your Illness

We all go through many stages when we are first diagnosed with a chronic illness. My diagnosis was Rheumatoid Arthritis. To some a diagnosis may be a relief after months and years of not knowing what's wrong with your health.  For others it may come as a shock. Getting through the emotions that follow and the physical limitations of chronic illness can put pressure on your relationships.

Get Moving With Chronic Illness

To most people getting fit with chronic illness sounds like an oxymoron.  The old me thought that people that were chronically ill simply did not exercise, ever!  But experience has taught me that exercise is key to healing well with chronic illness.   I'm not talking about the 6 pack abs, rock hard body kind of fitness you see on infomercials on late night TV.   No, I'm referring to the kind of fitness that allows you to just get moving, to be able to enjoy the world around you, to be able to go on a walk with your dog or your kids.   Sure, there are exceptions and there will be times when chronic illness prevents you from even taking small steps.  But if you don't start somewhere, set realistic goals and reach for them, you likely won't ever attain them.