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Spring Book Giveaway: The Now Effect, The Healthcare Survival Guide & Life Disrupted

I haven't had a book giveaway since February, so it's definitely time to giveaway some more chronically awesome books.  I'm excited because these are quality books that can really have a positive impact on your journey to healing well with chronic illness.  They include The Now Effect by Elisha Goldstein, The Healthcare Survival Guide by Martin B. Rosen, and Life Disrupted by Laurie Edwards.  Three winners will be selected (one book each), so enter the giveaway (U.S./Canadian residents only) a number of different ways below by Wednesday, May 9th!

Here is some more about the books I'm giving away:

The Now Effect:  How This Moment Can Change The Rest of Your Life by Elisha Goldstein, PhD

You can calm your anxious mind, have greater focus at work and home, feel more empathy toward yourself and others, approach difficulties with more grace and less stress, and be aware of what is most important to you. The secret is in the spaces.  A leader in mindfulness psychology, Dr. Elisha Goldstein demonstrates how to use the space between stimulus and response to break free from habitual beliefs and thoughts that don’t serve you. These techniques will allow you to connect to the present moment to make deep, permanent life changes. In essence, this book teaches the foundation for how the now—this very moment—can change the rest of your life.  To enhance and ease your experience, the text also contains links to simple instructional videos.

Check out a great book review of this book on PsychCentral.

The Healthcare Survival Guide by Martin B. Rosen

Contains dozens of resources to help find affordable healthcare coverage and health services for anyone who has lost their employer-paid healthcare or who simply want to reduce healthcare costs. Written in easy-to-read language, readers will learn the pros and cons of COBRA coverage, how to comparison-shop for health plans, and use little known ways to lower or eliminate hospital bills, get free medical care and find low-cost medications. There are even tips to stay healthy to reduce doctor visits. With important contact websites provided on every page, this slim but dense book can be a real lifeline for unemployed workers who need healthcare now. The authors are cofounders of Health Advocate, Inc., which funded the publication of this book. The authors and the publishing company have received no funding from any other outside source or any other organization referenced in the book. A portion of the book sales will be donated to charity.

You can find a recent review about this book here.

Life Disrupted:  Getting Real About Chronic Illness in your Twenties and Thirties by Laurie Edwards

An inspiring guide to staying in control of your health care, your life, and your dreams despite having chronic illness, by a popular journalist and award-winning blogger.  Life Disrupted is a personal and unflinching guide to living well with a chronic illness: managing your own health care without letting it take over your life, dealing with difficult doctors and frequent hospitalizations, having a productive and satisfying career that accommodates your health needs, and nurturing friendships and a loving, committed relationship regardless of recurring health problems. Laurie Edwards also addresses the particular needs of people who have more than one chronic illness or who are among the twenty-five million Americans with a rare disorder. She shares her own story and the experiences of others with chronic illness, as well as advice from life coaches, employment specialists, and health professionals.

You can read more about Laurie in the interview and profile I did with her last Spring.

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