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Spring Book Giveaway: The Now Effect, The Healthcare Survival Guide & Life Disrupted

I haven't had a book giveaway since February, so it's definitely time to giveaway some more chronically awesome books.  I'm excited because these are quality books that can really have a positive impact on your journey to healing well with chronic illness.  They include The Now Effect by Elisha Goldstein, The Healthcare Survival Guide by Martin B. Rosen, and Life Disrupted by Laurie Edwards.  Three winners will be selected (one book each), so enter the giveaway (U.S./Canadian residents only) a number of different ways below by Wednesday, May 9th!

Don't Give Up

Last time I shared my recent experience of a day where I felt like giving up but eventually found healing.  I know I'm not alone in feeling this way.  Sometimes the challenges we face coping with chronic illness can be downright overwhelming.  We all experience those moments of weakness where we give way to the groundswell of emotions arising from our illness or other forms of adversity.  It can be so difficult to stay focused on hope, mindfulness and healing well.  One of my Twitter friends posted recently: "The enemy is not pain. The enemy is despair."  That is so true.  But there is hope.  So this is for my friends who may feel like giving up.....

Recognize Sources Of Healing Around You

About a month ago I saw my doctor for a followup visit.  I had just gone through another round of specialized tests for my arthritis symptoms which had been escalating in intensity over the Winter.  The results were inconclusive.  No clear patterns.  No diagnosis.  No ready treatments.  No answers.   The only proof I had was the unrelenting pain that pervaded my body's tired and achy joints and muscles and the endless, draining fatigue.