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9 Ways Mindfulness Helped Me Heal With Chronic Illness

Mindfulness was not a term I was familiar with when I was diagnosed with chronic illness 17 years ago.  Looking back, I wish I had known more about how to practice it in my life.  It would have saved me a lot of worry, distress, and hopelessness.  I've since learned that mindfulness is a set of skills for healing, intuition, insight, calmness, focus, resilience, and hope that you can use to counter the inevitable adversity of chronic illness.

Book Giveaway: Healing Walks For Hard Times

I'm giving away 2 copies of this awesome book - Healing Walks for Hard Times:  Quiet Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body & Get Your Life Back.  Anyone with chronic illness will find this book both motivating and easy to follow.  Enter the giveaway (U.S./Canadian residents only) a number of different ways below by Friday, February 17th!