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Celebrating 100,000 HealingWell Members

Last week hit a major milestone, surpassing 100,000 registered community members.  Growth the last few years has been exponential.  We don't do any advertising.  Most people learn about this site via word of mouth, just friends telling friends.   I've thought about how to best celebrate this milestone and what it means.  I decided it might be more appropriate to share what HealingWell means through the eyes of its members.

My Journey To Fitness With Chronic Illness

Everyone knows exercise is important to living long and healthy life. With the rise of social networking and TV shows like the "Biggest Loser", more and more of my friends and family are rediscovering walking, running, biking and losing weight. As they say in Australia "good on ya!" but if you have a chronic illness exercise can be more complicated than putting on a pair of running shoes and hitting your favorite trail.