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Wherever You Are, Be All There

When the seasons change I tend to get nostalgic, reflecting on the season past.  What was memorable?  Did I make a difference?  Will I remember what happened five or ten years from now?  There is no right or wrong answer.  Some things I will always remember, some things I hope to forget.  This Summer was no different.

The Healing Power of Mindfulness

A little over a year ago I had an awakening.  I realized I had the power to calm and heal my mind, even if I couldn't control what was happening to my body.  I've talked about this before in different ways including  recognizing sources of healing around us, how mindfulness helped me heal, and mindfulness and mobile apps.  Mindfulness is a set of skills for healing, intuition, insight, calmness, focus, resilience and hope that you can develop to counter the stresses that chronic illness brings.  As Dr. Berkelhammer put it, you can literally "train your mind to promote healing".

Expect The Unexpected: Coping With Life's Challenges

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. For some, one curve ball after another seems to come their direction. That's me. Maybe it was my happy childhood that led me to believe that life was going to be easy. Maybe it was that I'd never really known pain up close and personal. No obstacle was too big to overcome. Life was beautiful and full of opportunities.  And it was... until a series of unexpected pitches came my way that shattered my illusions.

10 Steps For Healing Well With Chronic Illness

Living and coping with chronic illness can be difficult. It often requires stressful changes to your life and the lives of family members closest to you. Fortunately, there are a few tried and true steps for healing well with chronic illness that can make coping easier and your life more fulfilling.  I hope these admonitions for healing help you as much as they've helped me.

4 Mobile Apps For Healing And Mindfulness

I've been amazed at the new ways smartphones and mobile apps have been used to make our lives better, including our health.  For someone dealing with chronic illness there are now mobile resources available on demand that didn't exist even a few years ago.  So here are some of my favorite mobile apps that have helped me find healing and become more mindful.

Guest Post: 4 Ways to Train Your Mind To Promote Healing

In living a life with chronic health challenges, it's essential to get good medical care. However, I've found that medicine doesn't have any cures for my three autoimmune diseases, immunodeficiency, severe malabsorption syndrome, and other conditions. Once I finally realized that there were no cures and that no cures were likely to come in my lifetime I began to look around to find what I could do beyond medical care and the usual things such as good diet, exercise, and sleep habits. Despite good health habits, discomfort, disability, fatigue, and malaise were with me more days than not, and I wanted to get beyond them. From work with clients, literature reviews and personal experience, I learned quite a bit and came up with these 4 tips for training your mind to promote healing.

Healing Pictures: Finding Peace In Your Surroundings

A few months ago I wrote about a very personal experience where I found peace and healing from pain in the beauty of Nature's surroundings.  I believe that we all can be more aware each day of sources of healing around us.  This kind of awareness and gratitude can awaken your senses, lift your spirit, and help you break free of the physical bonds of chronic illness.  It can also help you see the hidden, yet wonderful opportunities that lay ahead of you if you will only look for them.

I carry my iPhone everywhere.  About 6 months ago I decided to capture these healing moments whenever I came upon them.  I've found myself returning to them again and again whenever I need to help my spirit remember.  They've given me solace and peace during difficult times and I wanted to share them with you.  So without further ado, here are some of my favorite "healing pictures" I've taken this year (Hint:  Click on pictures for larger view).

Don't Give Up

Last time I shared my recent experience of a day where I felt like giving up but eventually found healing.  I know I'm not alone in feeling this way.  Sometimes the challenges we face coping with chronic illness can be downright overwhelming.  We all experience those moments of weakness where we give way to the groundswell of emotions arising from our illness or other forms of adversity.  It can be so difficult to stay focused on hope, mindfulness and healing well.  One of my Twitter friends posted recently: "The enemy is not pain. The enemy is despair."  That is so true.  But there is hope.  So this is for my friends who may feel like giving up.....

Recognize Sources Of Healing Around You

About a month ago I saw my doctor for a followup visit.  I had just gone through another round of specialized tests for my arthritis symptoms which had been escalating in intensity over the Winter.  The results were inconclusive.  No clear patterns.  No diagnosis.  No ready treatments.  No answers.   The only proof I had was the unrelenting pain that pervaded my body's tired and achy joints and muscles and the endless, draining fatigue.

9 Ways Mindfulness Helped Me Heal With Chronic Illness

Mindfulness was not a term I was familiar with when I was diagnosed with chronic illness 17 years ago.  Looking back, I wish I had known more about how to practice it in my life.  It would have saved me a lot of worry, distress, and hopelessness.  I've since learned that mindfulness is a set of skills for healing, intuition, insight, calmness, focus, resilience, and hope that you can use to counter the inevitable adversity of chronic illness.